What child is this?


Meet G.  Doesn’t he have the cutest little hand?   He is my co-worker’s little baby and G was at our company Christmas party last night.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of him – he is so cute!!

I’ll be announcing the winners of the cards and desk calendars a little bit later.  Check back here.

[edit]  I’m sorry, I had calendar issues – please check back tomorrow morning for the announcement.



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12 responses to “What child is this?

  1. That is really sweet shot there…I remember doing something like this for my son when he was a baby and now looking back I realised he has grown so fast..how time flies. Really a photo to cherish here 🙂

  2. Baby’s sweet little hands are the best!!! Wonderful image!!!

  3. Awwww…those chubby little fingers look delicious. Great photo Toni!

  4. Gorgeous and adorable picture. Reminds me of a scene from 2001 Space Odyssey and I mean that in a great image composition way.

  5. Elizabeth

    awwwwwww ..

  6. A baby hand model! Nice! Love the tone, everything seems so soft.

  7. He has such a sweet hand. Babies are so precious. Love the capture.

  8. Delightfully captured and presented, beauty and vulnerability.

    Shuttechance has gone terminal after server updates and none of us can get into our sites, so I’ve switched to aminus, not sure which I’ll use long term…. what a nightmare ha ha

  9. Wow Cute lil G! What about his baby face? =D

  10. I love the soft glowing focus. It’s so introspective. Fabulous picture

  11. very cute, I like the de-saturated colour