Silver and Gold…


Okay, the gold isn’t really gold, but chocolates wrapped in a gold colored foil.  And you can’t really see the silver, but the chocolates are sitting in a silver dish and if you see the one little bit of bokeh clear at the back of the image, well that’s the silver.



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7 responses to “Silver and Gold…

  1. I love shots like these. They seem so full of life. You can almost taste the chocolate.

  2. Mom

    Toni: ARE THEY FOR ME??? Just kidding. Don’t need any but they (candy) sure made a pretty picture. Mom

  3. Mmmmmmmmm…My favorite chocolate!

  4. Wonderful image. Love the color and shallow dof. Nice!!!

  5. Elizabeth

    I love this shot! I also love the commercials for these candies, though it’s been so long since I had them, I can’t even remember if they’re good.

  6. for me, you should’nt have!

  7. BoB

    Ferrero Rocher are too tasty. I rebember that one of my professors of economics always praised the mr. Ferrero’s creations haha.