Crazy Train


All aboard

Crazy, but that’s how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it’s not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate

Mental wounds not healing
Drivin’ me insane
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

I’ve listened to preachers
I’ve listened to fools
I’ve watched all the dropouts
Who make their own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role

Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

I know that things are going wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words

Heirs of a cold war
That’s what we’ve become
Inheriting troubles I’m mentally numb
Crazy, I just can not bare
I’m living with something that just is’t fair

Mental wounds not healing
Who and what’s to blame
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

— Ozzy Osbourne

I know this is a caboose and not a whole train, but do you realize how hard it is to come up with decent lyrics about a caboose?Β  Not so easy.



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17 responses to “Crazy Train

  1. Ozzy is a legend!!! great shot! πŸ˜€

  2. I’d never heard of a caboose ’till I read the word in a book, only yesterday, odd that.

  3. don

    A fine picture of this venerable looking caboose. Quite a sentiment here too. Nice post. I like the falling snow flakes.

  4. Mom

    Toni, as you know the caboose is going out of style. What a picture! Is it someone home? Mom

  5. Mom – No, this is still an active caboose and was sitting on the rails. For some reason it was disconnected from the rest of the train. We have a restored caboose in one of our parks by the church museum.

  6. Looks like you are getting the hang of that lensbaby. Hope you’re not going off the rails of a crazy train. Cool shot!

  7. Ha ha you crack me up, Toni. There is the obvious famous track by Radiohead, “There’s a Caboose, loose, in my hoose” from the rare EP that they released back in ’96!

    Great photo, and a brilliant post

  8. Very nice, Toni. It reminds me of a shot taken with a Holga.

  9. The lyrics are perfect!!! Great don’t see many of these around..and never in these great colors!!

  10. Oooo someone is using a lensbaby! Very nice shot, the vignette is really effective in this photo. Have a wonderful new years!

  11. Wow great shot! Love the green color of this caboose and the effect the lensbaby brings is perfect!!

  12. Elizabeth

    I love that it’s green! Great photo, and I enjoyed the lyrics. πŸ™‚

    btw .. there is the children’s story about the little red engine that could. I always assumed an engine is the same thing as a caboose?

  13. Elizabeth – an engine is very different from a caboose. The engines, usually two or three per train are what pull or sometimes push the cars on the tracks. The caboose just brings up the reat and has no power. As my mom said, the caboose is going by the way-side and isn’t in use much anymore. To learn about cabooses:

  14. I was on the same wave lenght as Elizabeth about the little red caboose, but your caboose is green anyway.

  15. what a fabulous use of your lens toni!! and that apple-green caboose is so happy looking!

  16. Terrific photograph. The Lensbaby triumphs again:-)