Baby, it’s cold outside


I woke up yesterday to fresh snow.  Yay!  I don’t know why I’m so excited for snow this year, usually I dread it.  Maybe it is because of my camera and new lens.  Maybe it’s because of my new coat…nah, not the coat, must be the camera and lens.  This is one of my favorite perspectives – up the trunk of the tree into the branches.  I love the cold blues of this shot, too.  I’ll have a series of these, so expect more over the next few days.



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12 responses to “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Looks REALLY cold!!! Love your point of view. And – yes – I think it’s the camera and lens that is so exciting!!!

  2. Yep, the lens and camera for sure. As a tree lover (nothing pervy, you understand), I too love this perspective when shooting trees. I often lie down on the ground and shoot up into the trunk towards the sky, which often raises strange looks and comments from passers by, especially if I am in their way!

    This is a lovely shot, great perspective and so picturesque. I still have not received the package of snow that I thought you were FedExing me. You have sent it haven’t you…… ha ha

  3. Chilly! I almost feel like I’m looking down onto ice cracking.. it’s beautiful

  4. Elizabeth

    I love the cold blues! How did you get them?!

    Heh .. EWS .. I think your package of snow came to me instead, yesterday morning. Please do come and get it, LOL.

  5. This is beautifully cold…

    from SS.

  6. Paul, my apologies. I completely forgot to box up the snow. I’ll take care of that first thing on Monday. 😉
    Eliz, it came out of the camera that way. Auto white balance, ISO 100, f4.0. I have no idea if that tells you anything! lol

  7. Big Daddy

    Love the picture! I love the color of the sky after it snows and the sky is clearing and the sun sets and the multitude of colors that blossoms. I think you captured it in this picture. Well done! From Life Signatures.

  8. I’m at 63 degrees fahrenheit and it’s 11:35 PM, but I’m expecting a tornado too:-) Love the capture and I know what it’s like to fight the bitter elements of winter. Nice capture.

  9. This is so beautifully shot with a touch of melodrama. Good cool tone.

  10. Hey there. Thanks for all your comments while we were in India. Trying to get back in the groove and figure out what to do with the stack of bills waiting for me when we got home.

    Enjoy the snow!

  11. I really enjoy the blue tinge to this shot. It enhances the cold feeling.

  12. angklocke

    *chill* You’ve captured cold all right! 😀